The recycling of bottles

Consumers may return bottles that belong to the system at all retail outlets and general redeeming points, irrespective of where the beverages were purchased. Empty plastic bottles are best returned with their caps on. At the redeeming points, the bottles are pre-sorted and packed in the purpose-built retail packaging materials, ready for collection.

The aim of the Association members is to receive back the same quantity of empty bottles and retail packaging as was delivered to the customers. After washing and refilling the beverage packaging, the ready products are transported to retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, service stations and kiosks

Refilling and recycling

The return rate of empty bottles in Finland is very high. About 97 % of bottles are returned to circulation by the consumer. On average a glass bottle is refilled 33 times and a plastic bottle 18 times. Broken bottles and those that have been withdrawn from use are recycled. New glass or glass fibre can be made from glass bottles that have removed from circulation. Plastic bottles and their caps are ground down to make the raw material for reprocessed plastic products. Labelling material is used for energy.

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