The nature of the activities of the Association requires extensive contacts on many different levels - with the world of business, environmental bodies, the packaging industry, and authorities and organisations both in Finland and abroad.

Authorities and organisations

The Ekopullo Association reports to the Ministry of the Environment regarding return rates of refillable bottles, and the Ministry looks into the efficiency of the recycling system on a yearly basis. The Association maintains contact with both governmental and commercial organisations on matters concerning recycling and the environment. The Association draws up the necessary initiatives and statements for the authorities and monitors the work of organisations and other players in the industry.


Trade has a representative on the board of the Ekopullo Association. Thus the interests of trade are heeded right from the beginning in such matters as the development of recycling systems and improvements in efficiency. Redeeming points for consumers located at retail outlets are a central part of an efficiently operating return system. In co-operation with the trade, the Association is especially trying to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the handling of bottles in the backroom of shops.

Manufacturers of reverse vending machines

Manufacturers of reverse vending machines are an important link between the consumer returning the bottle, the retail outlet, the Ekopullo Association and its members. Making the redeeming points and their related machinery more user-friendly happens in co-operation with the equipment manufacturers.

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